About Me

Scan  My name is Megan Apgar. After staying at home for eight years with my two children, I returned to teaching and became the computer teacher and librarian for grades K-8 at a small, Catholic school in Northern Kentucky.  My favorite part about this position is that I am at the same school my children attend, there is a wonderful atmosphere in the school, and I like the variety of teaching all of the grade levels and the fact that technology is constantly changing.  This position has also been a challenge because I have had to train myself on a basic understanding of our school network and hardware infrastructure.  Since it is such a small school, I am one of the only people at the school who handles anything technology related.

I decided to pursue a degree in educational technology from Boise State because I wanted to have a more formal background in educational technology as I taught my students and worked with the teachers at our school. By obtaining a degree in educational technology, it is my hope that I will provide the best technological education for our students and I hope to better help the teachers at our school integrate technology into their daily lessons.

When I am not teaching or working on my degree, I love to read.  I also enjoy traveling and attending my girls’ sporting events.