Gaming in the Classroom

Based on this infographic, there is significant evidence to show that gaming in the classroom is valuable to the educational experience of students.  Today’s student has grown up with digital technology and using technology is a way of life for them.  Using technology for gaming is a good way to focus their attention and immerse them in the subject matter.  The statistics above show that gaming in the classroom allows the student to internalize the material and provide meaning to it which results in a better understanding and increased academic achievement.  Through gaming, students are able to develop not only an understanding of the content, but also critical thinking skills, communication skills, creativity, and teamwork. The students experience a positive, emotional connection to their learning and are provided with a variety of sensory experiences.  Students seem to love playing games especially when it makes learning fun.  Games are a powerful tool and can have a significant effect on student achievement when they are used purposefully and thoughtfully in the classroom.

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