Piloting Shuttles on the Prometheus

As a member of the flight crew on the Prometheus in EDTECH 532, Educational Games and Simulations, I took some time to complete a quest practicing piloting Type 6 Shuttles.  I feel like I have finally become proficient at flying this type of ship.  I practiced flying in hover mode and flight mode.  I found that it was easier to maneuver the ship in hover mode.  I encountered some issues while in flight mode.  I could not figure out how to get my ship to move left of right and I could not get the nose of the ship to point in the direction of my mouse pointer even when I followed the directions in the manual.  That is something that I will still need to work on.  Finally, I practiced using the weapons on the ship.  Since I am still new to piloting the ships and get confused easily, I pretty much stay close to the Prometheus while I practice.  It is very easy to get lost in space!  Here is a picture of me in flight outside the Prometheus.

Type 6 Shuttle_001



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