School Evaluation Summary

Our recent module on technology use planning could not have come at a better time. Our school is in the middle of going through an accreditation year which requires a technology committee that develops a detailed technology plan.  A formal technology committee has not be formed or met as a group on a regular basis at my school probably since our last accreditation year which was 2010.  After reading through version 3.5 of the Guidebook for Developing an Effective Technology Plan prepared by the Graduate Students at Mississippi State for the National Center for Technology Planning (NCTP) and the articles and guidelines provided by the NCTP on developing an effective technology plan, I feel that I have a wealth of information to share with the technology committee that we will be forming within our school.   I have also studied the technology plans of the districts that surround my school to help shape our plan so that we remain competitive and current on technology use and standards in our area.

     In addition to studying how to develop a comprehensive technology plan, I also completed a survey sheet analyzing the technological maturity of my school.  This survey sheet used the maturity model benchmarks from the Technology Use Plan Primer created by Peter H.R. Sibley and Chip Kimball.  After completing the survey and analyzing the results, I did not really find anything too surprising.  I knew that our main areas of weakness were budget development, communication, and professional development for our teachers.  These are areas that I hope will be addressed as we form a technology committee and develop a more current technology plan.  I had hoped we would have fallen more solidly in the Integrated stage, but I am proud of our school and pleased with the progress we have made with the resources we have.  Many of the teachers use technology on a daily basis and are willing to try integrating technology into their curriculum on a more frequent basis.  With the right planning, leadership, and funding, it will be possible for MQH to make it to the Intelligent level of maturity.  It may take some time, but it is achievable.  

Below you will find links to my survey spreadsheet and summary:

Survey Spreadsheet


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