RSS Feeds

It is amazingDigg that I have never heard of or used a RSS Feed before this week. I never knew something like this existed and how beneficial it could be.  I have started to use the tool Digg Reader to subscribe and receive updated content from my favorite websites.  I like the fact that RSS feeds and Digg make it more efficient for me to consume my favorite web content.  It is must nicer to be provided with the latest content rather than having to visit the website for information.  No more bookmarking sites for future reference!  I am also extremely thankful that I was able to import my classmates’ learning logs into Digg Reader.  This has made it so much easier to access and view them.

Because RSS Feeds and Digg Reader are so new to me, I am not sure how I would integrate them into my classroom at this time.  I’d like to spend more time working with both of them before I jump into showing them to my students.  Therefore, I plan on using RSS for my own professional development.  I’d like to get the hang of actually using Digg Reader on a regular basis, reading articles, and subscribing to feeds.   I look forward to getting to know this tool and all that it has to offer.

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